Wednesday, December 5, 2012


If you come to Guthrie, if you live in Guthrie, if you wanna live in Guthrie, if you wanna fly into Guthrie, if you haven't been to Guthrie, if you wish you were in Guthrie, if you wanna leave Guthrie......well, don't until you go to this place first!!!! HOBOKEN COFFEE ROASTERS!! Very sweet friends are the owners!! Mallory, Trey and baby Harvest!!! Just go to see the baby, she is darling!!!! Go grab some coffee, here some music of the past and enjoy all the textures in the decor!!!!! My vehicle will learn quickly to just automatically turn in here!!! Haha!!

Go get some coffee.... Here!!!!


Naomi Elle said...

that is an ADORABLE coffee shop. If I lived in OK instead of PA, I would totally visit. :)

the Mrs. said...

my favorite coffee spot and study nook, HANDS-DOWN.