Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas at our house....

I said a while back I would give a little virtual tour of christmas at our house. Course we have a Cowboy tree and the 9 foot of turquoise, browns, white and silver. A bit rustic and sparkle! I added the two silver trees this year! They just looked fun! .....and I have the live tree for Joel inside still and hope to plant it soon! I love making our home all festive! but in a few more weeks I'll be ready to clean and get everything all back to normal!!! Ha!!!! We sure have had a good time with all the advent activities!!! Hope you all are enjoying the season! I am so thankful for many things but I am particularly thankful for Gods grace and mercy in a particular situation we encountered about 4 months ago. It was a very trying time, a lot of prayer, counsel and just waiting. It's
not easy being a parent! so thankful for friends that prayed, that cared, that loved! So thankful that God has healed, helped and delivered.

......thank you Jesus that you care about a
mothers heart and her children!!

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Teena said...

Beautiful. Love it all. Love seeing your advent activities too!

The Lord has brought you to mind over and over the past few months. Not knowing why... I would just pray for you! Continuing to pray.

Much much love