Sunday, September 2, 2012

Evening downtown!

Hope you all have a great labor day tomorrow! Nothing particular happening here.... just being home and enjoy the day. Hard to believe that summer, my fav season is coming to a close! I like Fall, the smells and I love pumpkins. We put the swimming pool away. What a great summer we had with it this year. Hopefully school starts Tuesday! We are all trying to get motivated!

Be safe and have a great day tomorrow!!!


Jemimah said...

Yay! So glad you posted! Here in Australia (Tasmania actually!) we're just moving into Spring! It's nice to have some warmer days now! :-D
Love that last pic. It's sweet.

Rachel said...

That last pic made me smile!! :D sweet! <3

Mandy said...

We haven't started school yet! I need to do that soon I guess! LOL!

Lynni said...

Love nights in the city! So fun! :)