Tuesday, September 18, 2012


"some things never change, BUT some things do!" you might can tell I am thinking back, reminiscing, trying to adjust to change.....still!!! Today at the Fair is what sparked the feeling. Several years ago we ALL would come spend the day, I would cook crockpot stuff and we would just hang out ALL day while Bethany showed her goats. Last year we kinda stuck to that plan but not everyone came. So this year it's just a few of us, I didnt bring crockpot stuff and we are not staying ALL day while Bethany shows today and tomorrow. Something about it makes me sad, yet it just is this way. It's hard to describe. Change.....it's different, it's hard, it's good.

Mercy got new water boots, pumpkin patch, a home concert!!


Jemimah said...

Aww, Mercy's ADORABLE!

Sarah said...

Our family's the same way now... family day trips are now mostly younger kid day trips. Too many varying interests and schedules now! And Mercy has some awesome glasses, and I love the singing with a whisk idea that Elijah's come up with. I've heard of a hairbrush, but never kitchen utensils!