Friday, September 7, 2012


Made it through our first week of school and I'm still alive!!! Ha!!! Did some a-e-i-o's this week!!! Mercy is really into it but phonics is killing me! Ha! Why can't they be born with reading skills!!!! Seems like homeschooling back in the days of Caleb, Daniel, Bethany, Elijah, Anna was soooo much easier!!! I think it's more me, I'm older and just don't have all I use to! We will keep moving forward!

Have a great weekend!!!!!


Janet said...

LOL! How sweet that is! I find the older I get, the less patience I have. I often wonder how it would be if I was still teaching. I keep telling myself that one day when I'm a grandma my patience levels will return! I do hope so!

Teena said...

I find the older I get the more I become frustrated. Love the pics!


Jemimah said...

Heehee, Mercy is so drop-dead gorgeous!!!!!!!