Thursday, September 13, 2012

a Lego party!

How many Lego party's can a house full of Lego boys have? As many as we want!!!! Ha! And so it was! An easy party to put together! Built a few
GIANT Lego blocks out of boxes, styrofoam cups and some spray paint! Grabbed some Lego m&m's, iced a few cupcakes and drizzled 3 GIANT Lego sugar cookies with names like Joel, Josiah and Lego!!!! And whacked up some Lego fruit, gotta keep the health up!!!! Ohhhhhhh and balloons!!!!

An easy party! But this was the hardest bd to get through of all that Josiah has had without Joel. This year Josiah cried for the very first time. The night before the party, Wednesday, he was crying in the chair. At first I didnt know why, but as I held him, he told me he wanted "Balley"/ Joel to be here and missed him. He went to bed heavy hearted. He woke up today excited but throughout the day he mentioned he wished he were here for the party. This is literally the first time since Joel died that Josiah has shown grief. Course at age 3 when it all happened I wouldn't have expected him to. I was so touched that he felt this way, and I told him that. I didn't like seeing him
sad but I was blessed for him remembering, feeling, missing Joel. I have often prayed that Josiah will get a
"double portion" of grace, power, might, to live his little life for Gods glory.

Every year I try to come up with an idea of how to bring Joel into the
party and every year the Lord brings an idea to my mind. This year the idea was, I ask Josiah to build Joel's name into Lego blocks and he did! He was so excited and proud to do it!!

Caleb and Kristen surprised me with the little lemon tree in memory of Joel and the birth of Joel and Josiah!!! So kind!

Sooooo now we have "millions" of more Legoooooooooooo's!!!!! Yay!!!!


Sarah said...

Awesome party ideas, I may have to steal some to send to mom since my brother Caleb (13) is also obsessed with legos!

Jen said...

Always sooo creative! And I LOVE the lemon tree idea. what a thoughtful way to remember Joel and Josiah on this special day.

May God protect and nurture Josiah's tender heart!

Jemimah said...

Great party ideas! My younger brother LOVES Lego too. He'd love this.