Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Wednesdays tell me there is only 2 more until the weekend!! Yay!!! Wednesday tells me its two days until grocery day! Yay for new food!! Wednesday's also tell me it's cleaning day! Yay! Wednesday also tells me it's my running day on the treadmill!! Boo!!! Haha!! I'm still working toward the 5K but I don't know if I will make it to the end, man, it's tough and my knees are not 20 yo knees!! Boo! But I will give it my best shot!! I am happy with the results of how I feel more toned so it's worth it!! Yay!

I have asked you all to pray for a special friend! The special friend is Kristen's mom, Sue! We were so blessed at Christmas to be able to go to Florida and meet their family! They are an amazing family and we had a wonderful time of laughs, fellowship, going places, eating tons of fabulous food, and just being together!! I think our families "gel well" together!! Well, if you would continue to pray for Sue and their family! Sue recently had some concerns and sought to get them checked out through tests and the results are showing she has cancer in one of her lungs, it is not
lung cancer but breast cancer in her lung. Kristen is there in Florida being a wonderful cheerleader for her mom, making her stay in the hospital more cheery, encouraging her with lots of pampering! So please pray for their family as they journey this path, for wisdom, for grace for healing and strength, for endurance and for joy in the midst of all of this! Sue is an amazing woman that has God's peace and it is displayed through her smile I have seen in several photos that Kristen has posted! Let's surround them with prayers!!

I think Spring is around the corner!! Terry got some onion plants so gardening time is nigh!! It's suppose to be 73 today!! I do have my flip-flops on for the occasion!!

Bethany bought a bottle calf!! I think Mercy likes it!! That's what farmn' is about, baby animals, children learning about God's creation! I will never grow tire of country life!!

Guess Terry and I will be "home alone" this weekend and first of next week.... olders are heading to the slopes!! Skiing!!!

Have a great Wednesday!!! Why do you like Wednesday's!?!?!?


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