Thursday, February 9, 2012

around the world!!

If your wondering how Daniel is doing then I will tell ya. Good!!!! We skype call about once a week. Sometimes the service is not great on either end, so a video call doesn't work well! Of course he is exact opposite of us as far as time so it makes it a little hard to communicate! He says it's very hot!!! Oh how I would love that!! Basically he works on construction projects there on the YWAM base, repairs, housing, really just anything they need! He mentioned something about building a house, idk any more details on that. He had hoped to go out on the huge boat that is in for repair now that goes over to Papua New Guinea but it will actually leave out right after he heads back to the USA. But I think will be working on it in the harbor anyway! Of course he has met tons of friends, at least it will boost his fb friends, hahaah!!!!!! On the weekends he and a group sometimes go places and check out sights! He says things are terribly expensive over there. To eat at a fast food place, you would spend $20 easy!! He says the food on base is fine and I asked him if he had gained any weight, which he is trying to do, and he said maybe 5#!! I think he just burns what he consumes! But no worries, that will change when he hits about 30!! Hehehe!!! I asked him if any Aussie girls were asking him out.... He said no, so no mushy stuff to tell ya!!!! He knows, we know, God will provide in His good time!! He mentioned he will be playing in an orchestra and the performance will be sometime before he leaves. I didn't catch the the name of the orchestra but I think from what I could tell through the bad connection, it is a well known orchestra! Glad he is getting to use his talents there!! I think he misses us.... but I think he is enjoying the opportunity knowing the Lord put it all together makes a person content to be wherever!! If you have been praying, please keep it up and he said through an email, he was very grateful for the continued prayers!! He has made it about half way now!! So, I certainly am looking at the calendar and wanting it to hurry, but I'm a mom!!

Just got off the treadmill, wow, hope my body can keep it up!!!!! {groan}

Keep praying for the friend I mentioned yesterday!! Thanks!!

Guess it's Chicken Fettucini with homemade Alfreo sauce! Gotta get busy!!



Lysa said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Praying for Daniel.. and for you.

Would love your recipe!


Teena said...

OOOPPPS was signed in under Lysa ;)

sorry.... it was me above.


Sarah said...

"no mushy stuff yet".. that's cute :)