Monday, February 6, 2012

hello Feburary!

my Valentine's Tree

February is here!!! I dont know how many of you all do Pinterest but it is a lot of fun and sooooo many ideas for special occasions let alone just about millions of ideas to whatever your heart desires to do, see, make, places to go, things to wish for. I guess it could make one a little discontent.....but all the photos are pretty and I think the its all very inspiring. Nothing wrong with dreaming as long as we attach, "if its the Lord's will and the dreams are his will!!"  I put my Valentine's Tree up!!! I found several red things after Christmas on sale for like 80% off that I added to it this year!! Yay for good sales!! I found white string lights this year on sale after Christmas for like 65 cents a box!!! Wahooooo!!! The photos at the top seem very easy and the recipes are here and here !!! Of course I guess you can see the candle idea is quite simple as well!!! What are you planning for Valentine's Day?? 



Anonymous said...

A Valentine's tree...who would have thought?? =) Only you, Mrs. Morris! that is adorable.

Rachel said...

Oh! That pink cocoa looks so good! I want to try some! And yes, I love pinterest! You're right! there are so many ideas and stuff to share with all your friends and family. Really cool!

(Love the idea of the Valentine's tree!..I was thinking of doing a tree and decorating it as the seasons and holidays go by. ) :)

Teena said...

we have some pink/red candles on our tables surrounded by rose pedals. Some heart shape tea light holders.

Love your tree.... and goodies.