Friday, February 4, 2011


snow buddies, winter 2005, 2 years old, can you guess
which one is Joel???? check out them boots!!

Joel on the right, winter 2005. 2 years old!!

Joel on the right, 2005, 2 yrs old

Joel, (left) whizzing a snowball at somebody!!!


I mentioned once before that I struggle with two events at our house.....laundry and cooking! I have struggles with many other areas but I wanna talk bout one specifically and that's because I have a solution and that's always exciting to share a "victory!!" Our house does not have a laundry room large enough to operate 14 peoples laundry as far as a place to get it out, fold it and await peoples to put it in its designated place!! Our laundry room is for a family of mice......ehh, SMALL!!!! We have moved the folding areas many places and recently we had a pretty good and even somewhat hidden place before we took the kitchen wall out. It was in the new space, behind the old kitchen wall in a corner, a 6 foot table holding the folded clothes!! But now since the wall is gone and it is all open space, we have been struggling. I don't want it in the LR, so we put it on my bed, but then at night it was still piled or much if it on my bed, hindering my sleepy bed time!! :) We tried to put it in the girls room, but unhappy campers there too, so we went for the boys room and well, that did not cut it either!!! So an idea came to me.....I would put it back in my room, get 4 plastic containers. One for all socks, one for all underwear, one for all bottoms (jeans ect) and one for all tops!!! I have designated folders for each tops and bottoms which will stack those items in designated containers. Josiah will gather underwear and socks and put them in their designated container. Hosanna will fold kitchen and hand towels and Mercy will fold washrags and we will put those away before the day is up. But the clothes that are folded in the containers, each person will be responsible for getting there own and at the end of the day, they are not on my bed but in the containers!!! Yippeeee!!!! I feel like we have revolutionized our laundry system!!! This idea might not work for your family, you might like it more organized but hey, my motto is now if it works for us, thats it!! All I want now is the clothes off my bed and if people want to pick or leave their clothes in a basket for weeks, it won't bother me!!!!!!! When Terry and the guys re-design our laundry room which will come after we get all the cabinets in THEN I can have it all in there!!! Sooooo, I can live with this for now......and sleep on my bed!!! LOL!!!!!

With all the snow its been a tough work week, actually a no work week as far as Ada. They have been here all week. A couple of them did go out today and did a finish up prep job for next week and then they came home. Unbelievably, next week has predictions of snow too. :( While Terry was here, he did get the grout done on the back splash and I really like it!! Today he is putting lighting under the cabinets and it makes it look warm and inviting. Little details are coming.
Now with all the snow, the cabinet fellow is delayed because the cabinet sprayer fellow is delayed, and just him getting out here is a bit of a challenge! Oh, well, in due time, God's time!

So what have we been up to??? SNOW bout 8-10 inches of it. They have played and played and ow I even heard some say they were ready for it to go away!! We have been making cookies, watching movies and the little ones have been setting up towns all over the LR. Today was my first day to get "out" of the house, Terry took me to town!

Jeremiah's 11th bd is around the corner, the 18th! So I am trying to gather ideas and things for it. Also do you remember last year we hosted our first Valentines Party for Couples?? As I thought of this last year, my goal was to have it each year, (Lord willing) and have a group of different couples each year, so they could go on a date night, but at our house where we would serve them dinner, delectable desserts and have a fun fellowship!!! SO, I am planning that!! Gathering supplies! I am setting up a bit different than last year and hope its more romantic!! So if you came last year, don't be sad, it was your turn last year, now, we gotta give others a "date night" too!!!!

Well, that bout catches ya up for now!!

Stay warm!!!


Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and Family said...

Ooooo....when's it our turn?! :)
I love your laundry idea. It's always soooo exciting to find something that "works" for your family and solves a problem.
What we do is as soon as a load comes out of the dryer, I sort it right then into piles...girls clothes, boys clothes, my/Daniel's clothes. Then I take the boys pile, go to their room, and set each boys clothes on his bed. I do the same with the girls and set ours on our bed. Then each person is responsible for folding/hanging/ putting away his own clothing. Each of the older ones have a younger one they have to help too.
I walk by their rooms in the late afternoon to check to make sure they put their pile away.
We were having a problem then with them being in a hurry and stuffing their clothes in or putting them in the wrong drawer. So each Saturday, they have the chore of organizing their drawers and showing me. If they've put away their clothes correctly during the week, then they don't have to do anything Saturday to "pass inspection" :)
Towels are all done in a couple loads the the little guys help me fold/put them away. :)
Whatever way you do it, laundry for 14 people is a lot of laundry. And, as I'm sure you know more than I do, the bigger they get, the more laundry there is because little pants sure take up a lot less space than tall ones! :) Our machines just run all morning and into the afternoon.
I loved those pictures of Joel...he's soooo little! Thank you for sharing them.
Stay warm! It was 35 degrees here this morning! We could see our breath in the house all morning. It seemed to take forever to get school going as we were all too cold to move much :) We drank lots of hot tea! :) But the nice thing is it warmed up this afternoon and I was out in my flip flops sitting on the trampoline with Samuel soaking up the warm sun. :)

Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and Family said...

Wow! That was a long comment!

Brittney said...

I know how exciting it is to discover a new system! We just redid our laundry system and it's great.

Mandy said...

I can sympathize! We don't have a laundry room, just a closet with the washer and dryer in it. I just try to fold the clothes as they come out, but I'm doing far fewer loads than you guys!

KD said...

Love looking at your pics of Joel, a memory is a great thing. And I'm so thankful for pictures.
I love finding an idea that works for our family!!! I think the best idea for me so far is when I decided to give each child a color. Each has their own color cup, hanger...etc That made life simpler. They also pair up to do chores, an older with a younger child. With seven children and six boys in a row things can get mixed up a bit!

Mountain Mama said...

Very sweet pics of Joel and Josiah.

Been missin' ya. I have really neglected my blog friends (and blog). I enjoyed my time reading all that has been going on with you and your precious family.

Cheryl said...

I don't remember seeing these pictures before, where did you find them? Very sweet!!

Cheryl said...
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