Monday, February 14, 2011

jeremiah is ......almost 11 !!

What almost 11 year old would not want to have his party early????? Jeremiah is the man!! And so we did!! His birthday is this Friday the 18th but we are super busy this week and with the guys work schedule we just had to do it last night!! Jeremiah wanted a "Buzz Lightyear" party! Yes, we have gone Toy Story crazy around here, but its fun! Pretty easy set up, to get this party going. I found the Buzz Cupcakes with the space helmets atop and could not resist making these space rangers!! The face is a sugar cookie and the plastic domes were found at Hobby Lobby. Of course I can hardly do party without sugar cookies so we had "Star Command Sugar Cookies." The pretzel rods are sure finding their place in our parties these days, so we had "Laser Sticks!!" Buzz has many friends in the movie but Mr.Potoato Head keeps showing up on the scene. This time in form of cocoa rice crispy treats. They didn't look to friendly once finished, oh well! :) Oh, and we through in some "Pizza Planet Pizza" as well!!! For the party goers I had a few suprises with "Moon Rocks," rock suckers, also I found some "Turbo Boosters," (yo-yo's) And a space ranger can not have adventures without a "Laser" in hand, (those little things wrapped in foil) We did play one game, "Space Ranger Race." I had a mini obstacle course set up and you had to go through it on the pieces of moon shoes we had cut out and taped to the floor. You had to go under the piano bench, roll a tube with your nose to a certain point and then come around and go through a garbage bag we had both ends cut out of and taped to the floor. The one with the fastest time was the winner! Joshua was the winner of some glow in the dark stars! Fun times with family and friends. Jeremiah's birthday desire was to receive an original collectors Buzz Lightyear. I finally found one on-line and suprisingly it arrived in time!!!

Well, all the guys are finally back on board with work. OKC crew hitting it and Terry went to Ada to get the crew going there. Although when I did talk to Terry earlier, he mentioned there was still alot of snow on top of the roof but he was hopeful it would melt and proceed to get much done.

Hope everyone has a great Valentines Day!! Terry is taking me out to eat tonight so that will be special! Love is an amazing fruit of the Spirit. I have a long ways to go in learning and demonstrating that kind of love but by His grace I want to bear that fruit in my life. I hope you all have a special day with your "loved ones" today!!


Teena said...

Wow that is awesome. YOU do such a great job. I just love seeing your birthday parties.

Love looking at all your pics.

Our weather today was 70. It was great.... snow still at your place?


Chad and Jessica's Family: said...

Another hit!!! What great memories.Cant wait to see your V-Day party pics!!! Take care.