Monday, February 21, 2011

valentine couples party

What a great time, too much food and a bit of crazy games!! So thankful for "space" to host our 2nd annual Valentines Couples Party!! All went well, but have to admit, I was tired when it was all said and done!! Enjoy the pictures!

the round tables made it more romantic I think

tons of sweets, by the time the party was here,
it was all sickening to me!!

great friends!

I found these on line and thought they looked like a
valentine party!

it was not good for ya but I
dipped the stem glasses in karo
then dipped it in red sprinkles to make the
tops of the glasses look pretty!

I made choc. covered pretzels and passed them out
as a gift! I was able to find the really big pretzels!

mocha truffles!

chocolate cake balls

I made a "Photo Booth," with some props to
dress up in for some crazy photos!

good friends, Beth and John

Stan and Candy
great friends from church

do u know who this is?????
Daniel and Anna

Richard and Carolyn,
a dear couple from our church

Jeremiah and Josh

Aaron and Danielle,
(Bethany's bestest friend)

Ryan and Dara
do u remember Dara, she was in
Joel's Journey DVD, she was
Joel's nurse!!

oh. my. who is this???

Josh and Stephanie

Lucas and Bethany
cuties for sure.....Josiah and Mercy

Lucas and the "littles"

my great husband who worked out on "jobs"
so I could have resources
to do a party as this!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, my! What a setting!! Oh, all that chocolate in one place! Looks like ya'll had a great time! I love the photo booth pictures!

Chad and Jessica's Family: said...

wow cindy!!! You do know how to throw a party. Beautiful as always. So wish we coulg be a couple coming!!! Hey, come look at my table chad finished!!!!


Maggie said...

You are amazzzing. You need to have a book spilling all your idea's and crafts. The decorations were beautiful. I know you are so glad to have the extra room. I love all your ideas!!

John-Clay said...

Wow, looks like a BLAST!! Those "photobooth pics" are hilarious!! :)

Unknown said...

Tell us about your games! The "mummy " one looks great!

Drew Watts said...

This is truly an amazing valentines couple party. I am planning to arrange a similar dance party with my friends and in search of popular Seattle venues as well as rocking party DJ. Hope to find one soon. Hope to have a great time at the party.