Wednesday, February 16, 2011

baseball and islands!!!





We are having some nice warm days, so that stirs up little people to "git outside!!" Baseball was the agenda! One of the great advantages of a big family is you already have a team!!

The island has finally been delivered and the granite installed!! What a wonderful work space, 5 x 8 foot!!! Very thankful for each phase to the kitchen! Maybe it will motivate folks around here to "cook!!" haha! The cooking schedule is moving right along. Anna fixed a wonderful meal Monday night. Bethany is on for tonight!

Our annual Valentines Couples Party is Friday night. Thirty-three folks total, 10 couples in that number. We are having some special guests for the weekend as well, Bethany's best friend Danielle, she was in her wedding last August, she and her hubby will be here the weekend, then arriving on Saturday the Lindsey family is swinging by as they head back from a singing/playing tour. And a few more special guests will be here too!!! So Saturday night 30 people will be staying at our house!!! The Lindsey family has a bus and they will of course sleep in that! :)

Terry has been home yesterday and today and heading back to work this afternoon. He has had paper work, bids and tax stuff to deal with. So he has done a few mini projects while here. He took me out to eat for Valentines, a fun time! He also got me 24 red roses for 24 years of marriage!

Garden/planting season is under way. we are actually a bit behind but hopefully we can pick up speed and get what we normally have in the ground soon. I went outside yesterday and I smelled the most wonderful smell........manure! It was in the distance, but I just stood there and took deep breaths! Country is a blessing!!

Enjoy your day!!!


Abigail said...

The kitchen is BEAUTIFUL!!! I really love the island - nice and big! I'm sure you will have loads of fun working in such a nice workspace.

And baseball...we used to play for hours and hours on end. But somehow it always ends up being "extreme baseball" with quite a bit of contact...not sure why that always happens. Those are some cute pictures that brought back lots of memories.

Hey to all of the Morris gang!

~Abigail G.~

Janet said...

What a beautiful home you have! I can't wait to hear about your Valentines evening! It's going to be so much fun!

Sending WARM wishes from a hot and humid (we've had HUGE thunderstorms today!) Johannesburg!

The Cole Family said...

Beautiful kitchen! You guys needed the space. What a blessing!

The Cole's

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your kitchen looks fantastic!

I can't wait to see pictures of the Valentine's party!