Tuesday, February 22, 2011

more weekend stuff....

garden planting

Michael and Mercy

Terry and Liberty Lindsey

Mr. Lindsey

lotsa helpers

This weekend was a "blowout" for sure! Friday being the Valentine party and then Saturday we had a group of bout 31 folks here and even Sunday was adventurous. Terry and I went with some to our church and most of the older ones went to hear the Lindsey family sing who was at our house on Saturday. On Saturday, Terry did get some planting in, he took advantage of all the "little" people that were here and put them to work! The Lindsey's little 4 yr old Michael has won my heart! He is so sweet, so big acting and he and Mercy are buddies! But I have to admit, the main reason he has won my heart, is because he reminds me of Joel. His blond hair, his nose especially but mostly its his animated expressions and personality that are truly Joel! It makes me happy to be around him. We love the Lindsey family! They are wonderful folks but also crazy fun people to be with!!!!

Today did not hold for a "normal" day either! Anna is having oral surgery to expose an impacted tooth so we had to go for a consolation for that, but then phone calls tell me I need to come pick up a worker friend on the job and bring his poor self home because of sickness. Then Terry says he might can bring him half way to meet us, so that meant Anna and I had to find something to do for about an hour, so Old Navy proved to be our waste of time place. Meanwhile Elijah is waiting for a phone call to see if his tire is in and also he lost his phone over the weekend so I was the mediator for the tire fellow to call me. And also Terry is at the mechanics with the work truck awaiting it to get fixed. I dont suppose life will ever be systematic again!

Big news is the guys have another big job bout 4 hours away. It will be a 6-8 weeker and Lord willing coming home on the weekends. Terry is going to get them started but he plans on being here to work OKC jobs. I am glad for that. I am ready for him to be here in the evenings with all his little people! So grateful for provision of jobs and work. God has been so faithful to provide these past 4 years in the construction business.

Anna has got the meal going tonight. Last night we all went to the gym for volley ball. Fun to fellowship with folks. Terry, Caleb and Daniel are going to a OKC Thunder basketball game. I think I will enjoy just being at home and say do nothing!!

I know you will likely agree, but we all have "dry spells." I know God has not left or forsaken me. He has proven faithful in the past. During these times we keep doing what we know to do, reading, praying, trusting. I am the one that shows unfaithfulness. I am so thankful that his love for me is unconditional. In this area specifically, Terry is most like the Lord, loves unconditionally. I am thankful I have a great God and a wonderful husband. Both have to put up with alot!! :)

Well, have a great evening. I planted, or Terry did a new rose bush Saturday, its an Oklahoma rose bush, someone gave it to me. I am awaiting to see how it does come Spring!


Anonymous said...

Oh! I feel for Anna! I've had that surgery.... twice! Will be praying all goes well for her!

We are tilling and planting as well! How time flies... seems like we were just doing last years garden!



Elisabeth Lindsey said...


Mountain Mama said...

It just doesn't seem right that you have NO snow on the ground AND you are already planting a garden. I guess that is the difference of OK and the mountains of UT.

Praying for Anna.

Glad the guys have more work. PTL!

Teena said...

wow catching up on your blog posts. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Valentine's party... how beautiful. How awesome. Looks great... you do such a great job. Do you have recipes for the mocha truffles, chocolate cake balls, cheese cake...

also that little Michael make me think of Joel when I saw his pic. I know how you could think that. I know I always compare and I do not mean to.... I know it is nothing like you have went through and I do not mean that at all. I do remember seeing someone (and still do) who reminded me of my Dad. :)

So thankful for you.