Monday, January 14, 2008

Joel's Journey Wins Again !!!!!!!

Joel's Journey won the "Best Oklahoma Documentary" in the 2008 Trail Dance Festival! Once again we are very grateful to the Lord for allowing this. Terry and the four oldest traveled to Duncan, OK for the awards ceremony Sunday evening. John-Clay has posted how the evening went on his blog with a few pictures if you would like to read it. Click here to visit his blog.

Josiah has a new friend, "Charlie Brown." A beautiful blue Beta fish. He is very excited about this new "finned friend."

Thank you for your prayers as we approach the one year anniversary for Joel. As I look at all the pictures we have around, it is still so shocking that all this has come and gone. Like I read from anothers sorrows, the way to Joel is to move forward. It is so hard to press on, I feel like I am leaving him behind. With the Lord's help, I am seeking to trust him with plans that I can not see at this time.

If you are willing, do not forget to give a review to the DVD on the post before this one with the CBD site.


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Emma R. said...

Well I am just so jealous of Josiah, Charlie Brown is the cutiest little fish ever. We used to have a red one named Sponge Bob (funny what kids name their fish) but he had to go to fishy heaven, after 3 years or happiness with our family. I hope Charlie Brown brings a little enjoyment into your lives.

I know the anniversary is coming up and as always you are in our prayers.

Congrats on the win! That is not shocking news to me at all, the dvd is amazing, and is truly deserving of the win. Its just such a testimony to your love for God and your family