Saturday, January 12, 2008

DVD Reviews

Happy Saturday!!!!!!! This is the first Saturday we have ALL been home in awhile!!!! Alot of work is going on around here. A major "eye sore" has been our chicken yard! The guys are building a new one....YEAH!!!!!! Those little mama's are going to be strutting big when they get out of their house.

If you have had the opportunity to watch Joel's Journey DVD, we would like to ask you to take a minute and give a review at the CBD. (Christian Book Distributor) This will help them determine how they might market the DVD and it might effect how many they order. Thank you for taking the time as it is our desire that the message of 'life' continue. It is very encouraging to see Joel's story go forth. Please CLICK HERE to write a review.

Josiah had a small injury on Friday. He was sittting on the edge of one of the chairs and he lost his balance, fell off and met the bricks with the top right of his forehead......screaming first then seeing blood (as head wounds bleed so horrible) we then compressed it to control the bleeding and he calmed down for us to take a look. A nice litttle gash, but after examining it I thought we could glue him back up. We let the bleeding slow and applied some super glue and a butterfly and he was good to go. It was sore yesterday but he's doing fine today. Let's see.... 8-10 head injuries over all, butterflies, stitches to staples. I think that is enough. Thank the Lord he has watched over all these "little" injuries.

May the Lord bless you day of Rest and Worship tomorrow!


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Emma R. said...

I am so glad Josiah is ok, God is really watching over your family. We have had lots of head bumps at our house too. I must say that Josiah sure is getting big, he looks so grown up in the face now. Such an adorable little guy.

I left a review for the video, I am glad its been such a success for you guys. It is such a wonderful story, and I have told everyone I know about it.

Lori (Emma's Mom)