Friday, May 25, 2012

I love......

I love summer, hot, sunny days, blue skies, the smell of coconut and sun screen, bright beach towels, popsicles, pineapples, bright straws in cold drinks in a real glass, flip-flops, the smell of chlorine, crisp clear pool water, air-mattresses piled up awaiting, unsweetened iced tea, sitting on the deck, bright colored kid swimsuits, I just love everything about summer!! Can you tell? The only thing I'm missing is tons of sand!! I'm so glad heaven is spoke of as being a paradise..... cause I will fit right in!!

Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day! Thank the Lord for so many that gave, fought and died for the freedoms we have! Bless the families too, as they also remember loved ones that are in eternity already!

Have a great weekend!!

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