Wednesday, May 30, 2012


The garden is doing well so far!!! Last year was our worst year, lack of rain amongst the heat!! But this year it is looking like one of the best! Thankfully!! The plants are big and healthy!! I hope the Lord continues to have mercy
And allows a good harvest! I think of our 50+ tomatoes plants last year, we had mayBE a handful of tomatoes! This year looks more promising! Of course we take much of the produce to Farmers Market starting this Saturday! Hope to see all you locals there!! We will have potatoes, green beans and onions this time and all the crafts the children have made!! By the next one hopefully cucumbers too!!

Busy summer ahead with softball every Friday night, Farmers Market every Saturday and camps that the older ones are getting opportunities to be counselors, plus a fishing derby next weekend, plus weekend guests on the 9th, 15th and 22nd weekend...... I think we can say we are booked up!! Hahah!!!

Have a great Wesnesday!!

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Vanderpolclan said...

Love all the garden pictures. We just were able to plant ours last weekend here in Canada :)