Thursday, May 31, 2012

another project!

One project for the Farmers Market that hosanna worked on with me!! Coasters!!!

1. Purchase tiles (Lowes $.16)
2. purchase coordinating paper for a set of 4
3. Cut paper
4. place paper on tile
5. Use mod podge to glue paper
6. Dry for 30 min
7. Put 2 coats of mod podge over paper that is glued to tile.
8. Allow to dry for 24 hours
9. apply Crystal Clear (acrylic sealer)
10. Dry for a day or so
11. Put some felt squares in each corner underneath with a glue gun.
12. Give away, sell or keep!!

Jeremiah was working in another project but we are having some assembly problems! Joshua has his already!! They love the idea of making things and selling!! $$$$

Have a great day!!!

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sarahdodson said...

Great job! They look so nice :o)