Monday, May 28, 2012


Andrew and I made some chalkboards to sell at Farmers Market starting next Saturday, (every Saturday through the summer!!) We will be there!!!

I went to a thrift store and gathered various sizes of picture frames for little of nothing. Andrew removed all the classic photos and paintings!! Ha! Next we primed the frames and I selected bright colors that look like summer! Love the ocean blue!!

For the chalkboard, after reading up in chalkboard making, Masonite board was the suggested material. At home, Andrew cut the board to fit each frame using the old photos in the frames as a guide. We primed the boards and then painted with chalkboard paint using a brush. Let it set for 24 hours then lightly sanded and put a second coat on. After two coats of chalkboard paint, we rubbed a piece of chalk across the board and then erased it off. Lastly we put the boards back into the frames, secured with some staples and I plan on gluing some brown paper on the back of the frame.

Cute for sitting on your counter in an easel of hang on the wall! We have two more projects to complete this week, one that Hosanna is doing and one that josh and Jeremiah are doing! They are little entrepreneurs!!!

Have a great day!!



Teena said...

That is so cool. I bought some chalkboard paint to paint a wall and it did not turn out the way I liked. It will not come completely off. I thought it was primed... then put a coat on and then waited 24 hrs and painted another one.... but still not to pleased. YOURS looks lots better then ours...


Vanderpolclan said...

Love this idea, Cindy. You are so crafty. Thanks for sharing.


I'm Kristen said...

LOVE it! You guys are so fun. Good times.

Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and Family said...

Oh, they look great! Bright and cheery and oh, so many things they could be used for!! :)

Great job!

Rachel said...

You are an amazing mom! What is the secret for having so much energy raising all these kids?? I need it!