Monday, September 13, 2010

Joel and Josiah's birthday!!!!!

Seven years ago, September 13th 2003, our second set of twin little boys were born!!! Joel Caleb and Josiah Daniel! What a privilege to be able to birth them at home with 3 midwives, my husband and dear friend, Cheryl. I guess this has to be one of the most spiritual heights in my christian journey. An experience of much anticipation and many answers to prayer for this to take place in our home. A lot of scripture written, read, prayed to get me through what many thought was a bit dangerous, of having twins at home. But God did it!! Gave us two healthy boys without any complications. Little knowing that 3 years, 4 months and 10 days later I would be walking in the deepest valleys of my life, Joel's departure to be with the Lord. I will say as God was so faithful to bring them in this world He has been faithful as He has carried Joel out of this world. Very tough, many tears, a broken heart but I praise Him, I thank Him, I know Him, and I still miss him! So today, I remember the good gifts from above, the birth of Joel and Josiah and I will tell the Lord "thank you" for 3 years, 4 months and 10 days with Joel and "thank you" for seven years with Josiah and "also "thank you" that because of Christs victory over death I will have eternity to be with both of them!!

Since the guys work schedule was hindering a party for today, we had Josiah's BD party on Saturday! He picked out the theme a long time ago after we watched the "Up" movie. He had an Up/Explorer Party! I thought it was a great idea because it brought Joel into the picture as well. Since Joel is "Up" ( with Jesus) and because Josiah is still here "Exploring," it was perfect!! I did not do alot for the party but it was fun, and with 50 balloons, you can't go wrong!!!!!!!! Of course Josaih wanted hamburgers, hotdogs, cokes and chips. Cupcakes were top choice and a few sugar cookies equaled one happy explorer. We dressed him up like Russell in the movie, yellow shirt. brown shorts, orange bandanna, and a sash with some important badges on it. A flag, because Josiah is very patriotic, he likes to shoot fireworks, a football and basketball because he is a pro, a number 14, because he is still 'exploring' this world with 14 people (Troop #14) and a cross because he asked Jesus into his heart this year!! After presents, which he got way toooo many, and Mercy opening Joel's present, one of the Willow Tree figurines of a little boy that looked about 7 years old, and our wonderful meal, we set out to let the balloons go "up" to Joel.........all 50 of them! A great time......very blessed and everyone made it to the party, even though they drove up (some of them) at say 5:59! :)

I am off to get Josiah's requested cinnamon rolls from the doughnut factory!

Happy Birthday Joel! I miss you!

Happy Birthday Josiah! I am blessed by you being here!


Mark's Mommy said...

Happy birthday Josiah...and a very heavenly happy birthday to Joel!

I know that you want Joel with you to celebrate with you as much as I want my Mark here with me. Does this journey get easier to endure? I sometimes wonder if I will really make it through.

By the way, you are the most awesome "thrower of birthday parties"...I love your creative ideas and all of the hard work and love that you put into all of your children's parties. :)

The Burnett Family said...

Happy, happy birthday, Josiah!! Can't believe he is 7 already.

We are remembering sweet Balley today. I'm sure he is having a very happy birthday UP there!

-Hannah B.

Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and Family said...

We are thinking of you and sweet Joel today. We love you all!

Our children love the UP movie! :) They watched it in English and Spanish :)

I love your party ideas! I've got a soon to be 5 year old girl that I want to plan a special party for this month. You inspire me :)

love you much!

-stephanie- said...

Happy 7th Birthday Josiah!
and a glorious birthday to Joel.
Looks like one great party. I love all the balloons.

I have a six year old party to plan 2 days from now. I'll have to go back and check out your great ideas.

Anonymous said...

Aww! I had no idea that their names were Joel Caleb and Josiah Daniel! That is the neatest thing Ms. Cindy!! Now I'm curious about D and C's middle names... I'll have to check their b-day post.... :D

I love all the pictures! What a fun (and slightly sad) day for you all to celebrate and remember their births. I really like the UP theme and how you so beautifully put everything.

Happy Birthday Josiah!! Can't wait to meet you one day!


(my sisters birthday is the 17th!!)

Chad and Jessica's Family: said...

Happy Birthday to Josiah and to Joel in heaven. Josiah is so adorable. Love the baloons and your colorful cookies and cupcakes!!! I hope your heart is strong and full of the Lord. Take care.


Abigail said...

Happy B-Day, Josiah! Those are some sweet pictures of a very sweet family! Mercy looks SO much like you, Ms. Cindy! I also love the UP theme and the dual meaning of it. It is a comfort to know that Joel (and other loved ones) is UP there with Jesus right now - never to experience the trials and heartache that we must still endure. But we can find great joy in those trials knowing that our Savior walks beside us all the way!

Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might!


Katie said...

Happy "up" birthday to Joel and happy "explorer" birthday to Josiah! Wow, what a perfect themed party for two of your precious sons.

I love all the colorful balloons.

I've been thinking of you today, Cindy. Praying for the LORD to continue healing your heart.

I love what you said about still praising the LORD through everything. He is good to work things out in our hearts, isn't He?

Love in Christ. I'm so thankful God brought you into my life. Blessings today!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Joel and Josiah!! :)

The Ahlgren Family said...

Happy birthday Siah!!!! Looks like it was a fun party!!! Boy scouts are the cutest! ;) Been praying for you today!

Teena said...

I cried as I sat here reading. Remembering. YOU do such a great job with there birthdays.

been a real real tough day here. I needed to read HERE.

God is the same yesterday and forever... and He carries me.. as He does you.

I love you, Cindy.

Happy Birthday Josiah... our Wesley turned 7 this July...

Happy Birthday, Joel... we miss you too....


MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Happy 7th Birthday, Josiah!!!

We loved the movie Up. I think that is a super fun birthday party idea. You definitely can't go wrong with a bzillion balloons!

And Happy Birthday, Joel! I wonder what parties are like in Heaven... greater than anything we can imagine.

That last picture is just precious. David and I were talking just yesterday about how Christian will forever be 3 years and 9 months old in our minds. It is strange and difficult to imagine how our grief will change over the next few years. I am so very thankful that while our feelings are ever changing, our God is forever constant, the same yesterday, today and forever! And I praise Him.