Thursday, September 16, 2010

I have not talked to yall in awhile!!!!!

I have not talked to yall in awhile!!!!

Thank you if you were praying for Jaynee Lockwood, she is somewhat better and seems to be stable. You can keep up with them on the link in the post below this one, I know they would be so grateful!!

We are giving school a shot this week, I wish I never had to start but I must be a law abiding citizen and more than that obey the scriptures in teaching and training and admonishing these children that are such a blessing! At least the school group is shrinking as some are finished!! So we have 6 this year officially in school! Anna and Bethany are math tutors to Micah and Andrew! Its going as well as it could I guess!

The guys are super busy. They are divided up in two locations. Daniel, Elijah and Billy have been somewhere towards Fort Smith area building a house. They hoped to finish the Build Block wall and pour concrete in them today. They have had the hotel, eating out experience all week!! Terry and Caleb and the other Ada crew are working on the school building still! Still a ways before completion. Thankful for work, thankful for safety, thankful for good workers!

I took on a big project as I love doing! The ceiling is all done, stained and looks beautiful! I now have been painting the gables in the area, and the walls by the french doors. The north wall will have all cabinets, so I am not painting it. I also had this idea of doing something with thefloor. It is concrete and eventually we want to do large tile but that could be awhile. Soooooo I had the idea of painting the floor and wow.....I love it!!!! It is a dark brown which adds to the rustic/western look. I don't know how long it will look great but it is way better than looking at concrete!!! Even if it gets scratched up, it will add to the rustic look! :) Next is the cabinets. I have one guy doing a bid and I hope to get at least one more. It is a bit hard because there is the set plan and wall space that had to be. I can hardly wait to get the 8 foot island with a bar for 4 stools on one side of it. That will be our main work area. Still slow, but its fun to plan and do as we can! We are so blessed to have the extra space!!!

Big week next week! The Oklahoma State Fair. Bethany is so busy preparing and trimming goats! Praying for favor as she shows. Then in another week or so the Tulsa State Fair. I think October will be a bit slower pace.....I hope!

The guys are working for the next several Saturdays to make up for being off for the shows. It will be good to all be together at the fair.

Billy, Daniel, and Elijah said they were having a blast wherever they are! I do not know the town! I guess it proves they can survive without their mom! But Elijah did tell me he missed us last night! :)

Well better go get the grill ready for some some chicken to eat on our salads tonight or rather me to eat on my salad!!!!

Keep praying for Jaynee.......


Mandy said...

Looks great!

Anonymous said...

hey, i am so excited because i am going to the state fair for the FIRST TIME in my life next week! Well, actually, I'm going on Friday night (the 24th) with Colton and Kayla to see the PRCA bull riding, so I'm not officially going to the actual fair, just to an event that's at the fair. :) But hey, it still counts, right?

The Gilmore Family said...

Hey Cindy, I think you are correct about the guys surviving without THEIR mom. Mine (Billy) has been surviving since June without his mom. But thanks to you being so sweet and filling in for me. Ha!! They did have fun in Sallisaw. Billy called atop the WORLD'S HIGHEST HILL, "Cavanal Hill" near Poteau, OK. They were having a blast. They even got their work accomplished too.

The house looks great too. LOVE THAT CEILING and the floor.

Karen Gilmore

Teena said...

looks great. YOU amaze me!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous addition!!!!

I'm glad the guys made it 'home' safely, and had fun running around on hills and eating $30 dollar steaks. *wink wink* :D

Love the pics!


Chad and Jessica's Family: said...

That ceiling is beautiful. I have always loved wood ceilings. Very warm and country too!!! Love the paint on the floor idea. You are ambitious taking on that work!!!! Great job