Tuesday, September 21, 2010

7 words!

front of Daniel's land

Daniel's house site, the open area back in there!



Caleb on his site


I have seven words............"He is not here, but is risen!" I know we all have favorite verses, but do you have some favorite "words or phrase" from the scriptures? The whole foundation to my faith is in these 7 words, my whole hope in this journey of grief lies upon these 7 words! Jesus is ALIVE! He has conquered death, hell, and sin! Joel is alive with Jesus! Whatever our "lot" here on earth, it is only a moment in comparison to our eternity! I have to keep this before me, may you too!

Today......OKS State Fair Dairy Show!!! Praying Bethany does well and the Lord will give favor! Also it just a plain fun good time with family and friends! Mercy is super excited!! Heading out here in a bit after we get some morning things done.

Major events happening out at the guys land!! Plans are drawn up, trees cleared and now the "footings" are gonna be dug!! For sure Daniel is diggin' his today, Caleb is very close, but still squaring away some details to his plans!!! A big day in their lives! The first step to laying the foundation of their own homes! So much spiritual implication as they go forth......build upon the Lord God all your days!

Have a great day!!!!


The Gilmore Family said...

My favorite phrase in Scripture right now? I have several, but I'll pick two for now: "Wait only on the Lord!" And Trust...Delight...Commit! Those are the theme of my life right now!

I do hope Bethany does well at the fair! I'm sure we'll see lots of pics on how that goes. You all have FUN!

And HURRAY for Daniel and Caleb and their getting closer to actually building their houses! I know they are excited. Billy was and it rubbed off on the rest of us! They are very wise to be getting this taken care of now. Can't wait to see more...

Have a joyful day!
~Abigail G.~

Anonymous said...

Go, Besh!!! I know you will do amazing!!! Love you, girl!

Congratulations on the land, guys! and good luck!

The Gilmore Family said...

I'll start with a verse too.

Jer 33:3 Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.

There is so much we do NOT know like why the Lord chooses to do or not do certain things. But we can be certain that HE KNOWS WHAT HE is doing in our lives.

The boys houses: VERY EXCITING. I'll amen what Abigail said. When Billy poured the slab for his house, I cried. After we started building it there were moments I just had to get away by myself and realize, my eldest son is grown. It is an exciting time in life.

We do pray that Bethany does well at the fair.


Teena said...

wow that is amazing! How exciting. I love seeing the land... and those handsome guys. I know God will bless them with a wonderful wife to share all that with.

I am so encouraged to see and watch how you and Terry have trained yours.

I love the sky diving too!

Pray for me... really I do have peace. Pray for MANDI she flies to Africa on Saturday.


Mountain Mama said...

Oh, I miss ya. Just plain missin' ya. We have been so busy with normal life and then a few changes (details later) that I am way behind on my blog reading.

The boys' lots look great. Love the new car. Skydiving - WOW! Happy Birthday Josiah. Kitchen/family room looks beautiful!


Karen said...

I can't believe that they are starting this. I remember when I was praying for this land...and now look at them starting to build.

Blessings to you...

The Gilmore Family said...

Wow! That's so neat!!! I can't wait to see the walls come up! :D

My favorite verse (right now) hm, I have several right now... Proverbs 3:5-6 "TRUST in the Lord with ALL thine heart and lean NOT unto thine own understanding. In ALL thy ways acknowledge HIM and HE SHALL direct your path."

Such freedom and rest in this verse if we will only obey and listen to His voice!

Love the pictures!

Heard Bethany did pretty good at the fair! Yay! Can't wait for pictures from the fair!


MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

I think that is just wonderful! Praying that they will continue to follow God's guidance and that God will bless them abundantly.