Sunday, September 19, 2010

can you believe this??????

You are not going to believe this............... Daniel jumped out of a plane today!!!! He went skydiving!!! He did a tandem jump with a guy that knows what hes doing!!!! I have no idea why he wanted to do this but it really was exciting to watch!!!! I think I might wanna try!!! I told the children to pay for my jump and I would!! LOL!!! Well, enjoy the pictures!

Gotta a busy week, Bethany is showing at the OKC State Fair, so we look forward to that and all that entails the fair!!!!


Anonymous said...

whoa.....well, um, that's not something i would choose to do, but hey, I tip my hat to you, Dan. that's pretty impressive! hope you had fun!

(okay, I'm being mild. when i saw those pictures, I nearly screamed. I was like "OH MY GOODNESS!! THAT LOOKS TOTALLY SCARY!!!")

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous! :)

Toyin O. said...

Wow! Lovely pictures, looks like fun. You guys are brave.

The Gilmore Family said...

Oh WOW!!!!!!!! I've ALWAYS wanted to do that! I'm glad that someone made the jump (pun intended) and went ahead and did it! I'm sure it must have been totally awesome to see God's amazing creation from that point of view! Way to go Dan!!

~Abigail G.~

PS: I must admit it....I'm slightly jealous.

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Ummm... exciting wouldn't be the word I would use! I think I'd go for Yikes! Scary! Zowie! Egads! and No way!!!

Something about purposefully hurling oneself to the ground that just doesn't sound fun to me. Ack. Now I need to think of something else. I'm pretty sure one of my boys will do something like this one day... I just think they don't need to tell me about it until waaaay after the fact! :)