Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Unexpected Blessing!!

Josiah riding a horse at our neighbors house

Yesterday I mentioned how I needed prayer for strength of spirit... and to those that might have prayed specifically for that, God answered that prayer today! This morning I asked the Lord that he might show me Himself today. To be honest my heart was in despair. It seems heaven is silent and I was wondering where He was. I know somewhere through all this that God never changes, its the poor creature (ME) that is in my mire of doubt, lack of faith,ect. I made a quick trip to Wal Mart this afternoon with 5 of the children. We wandered our way through and got 5 items, 2 items being floor fans.(it was going to be around $70.00) We checked out at the garden area, not many people. A middle-age lady came up behind us with one item. We smiled. Our basket was ahead of us, she asked "are the fans for ya'll", I said yes. She then said "why don't you let me get those for you. I said that would be a blessing to our family. She then told the children to get them a drink and mom one too. She said she felt a stong feeling to do this. I told her thank you for obeying the prompting of the Lord and isn't it wonderful how the Lord brings people across our path. We finished up, I gave her a hug and we left. That was for ME!!!! I needed that presence of the Lord today. So much to meditate on, God's providence of timing, a need being met, but more than that, an affirmation to my heart that the Lord is real, he cares, and just an encouragement to my weak faith. Thank you Lord for the manna today! I wanted to share that and give God the glory!!!!!!

As the Lord brings our situation to your heart, keep praying, we are still waiting for progress to start. The midwife did say it could take several days to get my body going. May the Lord have mercy to use these means if he is willing.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!


Beckaboo said...

I am continuing to lift your family in prayer.
I am so sorry for all that you are going through.
My prayer is that God will use it ALL for His glory.
In Him, Beckie

LSEP said...

You are all still in my prayers. May the Lord bless you, and keep you in His precious hand! I am so sorry for all you are going through, and I wish I could meet you. You are all an inspiration to me, each new post is a new blessing. I never get tired of this blog!

Anonymous said...

Woooops!! I accidentally published the comment on my sister's account! Sorry...