Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Alot of Birthdays!!

Six birthdays in four weeks... we will keep the donut man in business!!! It is our tradition that the birthday person gets donuts, so the whole family benefits!!! Caleb and Daniel had their 20th birthday on the 26th(They had a 20\20 vision party for Jesus, because they are both 20) and Micah will be 13 on the 30th. September 13th is Joel and Josiah's 4th birthday and Anna's is the 24th. We get a break til Dec. It is hard to believe Caleb and Daniel are 20. The Lord has brought great joy to my heart to see his grace in their lives. When I think of their childhood years, how they were constantly side by side and the fun they had, I miss that for Josiah. Somebody the same size to have adventures with. Caleb and Daniel have many similarities yet they are so uniquely different. The Lord has blessed them with amazing musical abilities, skills in carpentry, concrete work, framing houses, and when there is time they enjoy getting out in their studio. At this time they are, along with their dad and Elijah, building a house for a neighbor and dear friends. My daily prayer for them is that the Lord would give them victory over sin, they would have humble hearts and they would seek to grow in grace and knowledge of the truth and walk in it. They are a blessing to their siblings too. I know each of you can share wonderful joys of your children as well. They are rewards from the Lord and may the Lord bring forth a heritage of faith through the loins of each of our children till the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ!!

There is not any change with my physical situation. At this point we will just wait. It will be 3 weeks on Thursday. I feel comfortable waiting another week anyway. The midwife said we might consider doing another ultrasound, because there is the possibility that my body could have absorbed what was left. I certainly do not desire my womb to be scraped and suctioned out. May the Lord have mercy to allow my body to work in the wonderful and fearful way that he made it to. Thank you for your dear prayers and the thoughts through the e-mails you have sent. My heart feels strength through your prayers. I read this scripture in Is.54:1,

Sing, O barren, thou that didst not bear; breakforth into singing, and cry aloud,
thou that didst not travil with child:
I am trying to sing in my heart and sing hymns to the Lord. My mouth is doing it but my heart is somewhat behind.
I read this in Is. 43;7 this morning, Even every one that is called by my name: for I have created him for my glory, I have formed him; yea, I have made him. This is how this spoke to my heart; "created him" gave me the idea of before the womb, Joel was in God's thoughts, his mind, his plan even before he was, "formed him" made me think of in the womb, how the Lord knit Joel together, put every cell in place, arranged all his intermost parts; and " made him", brought me to think of how the Lord allowed us to behold what he had made once he was outside the womb. And so it is with all of our children that he created, formed and made them. I know I have to keep going back to truths like this, because the enemy tries to bring my mind to think that God dosen't know, dosen't care and to blame the Lord for not making things turn out differently. The Lord did know, he had a plan for Joel's life, and the Lord has won the VICTORY!!!!!
May the Lord shine ever so brightly on your households!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all of your posts. They are very uplifting.

Christine said...

Praying for you!