Monday, August 6, 2012

we made it!!

Thank you soooo much for praying for our family and trip to Maryland!! We made it uneventfully!!' just lots of traffic.... like 2 hours of stop and go and inching our way here!!!

The Snyder home is bursting with people, shuffle and planning and getting ready!!! Today is bachelor celebration day with groomsmen and the fathers!! Soooooo I give you this photo to let you see how blessed Caleb is with such awesome groomsmen!!!

Please keep praying.... for peace, to get it all done and for good weather as for energy, strength for all!!

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Teena said...

love it. Been thinking about all of you. So excited. Praying for you and your emotions... for everything to fall into place, for peace...

for BEAUTIFUL WEATHER... for God's amazing grace!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you guys,