Sunday, August 12, 2012

the trip, rehearsal dinner and day of!!!

*wedding photos on 3 posts below*

Everything went well with the trip down! We took 3 vehicles, drive about 11 hours Saturday, stopped at a hotel and spent the night and traveled on Sunday arriving about 8pm. I know 3 things of why I will take dibs on the Oklahoma plains verses way up there!!! #1 traffic!!!! toooooooo many people and cars!!! #2 lack of Internet service while traveling through all the mountains AND the big one #3 in Montgomery county, you have to pay .05 for grocery/plastic bags!!! EACH!! I began putting all my stuff in a plastic sack at wal Mart and the lady asked if I wanted a bag and I said yes! and she said that will be .05!!! I really probably made too big a scene, but I was shocked!!!!!

Kristens family arranged for us to stay at some neighbors very close to their house, you could walk. It was sooooo nice and they let us stay in all the upstairs area. Tina, our host fixed breakfast each morning. They had 3 children adopted from China and they were sooo sweet and sociable!! Amelia, Isaac, and Joey! (the two story house photo with the sunrise is their home and I took that the wedding day morning!)

Tuesday evening we enjoyed a BBQ at Kristen's parents house, lots of folks and volley ball!

The rehearsal was Wednesday at 4pm followed by a dinner at a place called Dutches Daughter! Making all the arrangements by phone was a bit challenging but it turned out over and beyond what I could have imagined! The place and room that held all 70 of us, was just wonderful! Everyone said over and over again how mic they enjoyed the food. It was served buffet style with a fella carving the meat at the end. Choosing the menu was fun, I could pick 3 entrees and it came with salad, rolls, fresh steamed green beans and a dessert. The meat was top round carved, a pasta veggie bake and baked chicken tenderloins covered with broccoli and cheese. I picked cheesecake with this yummy cherry sauce! I'm hungry now just thinking about it!! I didn't eat much that night!! Ha! I couldn't let the night slip by without playing a few games!! It was alot of laughs!!!! I also with my brother in laws help did a slideshow and the song was "When God Made You," by Newsong and Natalie Grant. I heard the song one morning and hadn't planned on doing a slideshow but when I heard it I knew I had to !!!

The day of, the guys had alot of wedding decor and stuff to take to the venu which was about 30-40 min from Kristens. She got ready at her house and we got a hotel close to the venu for that day so the guys could come over after, shower, get some lunch and relax a bit! It was a fun afternoon being together!!!

Caleb didn't really seem nervous at all to me! Even once we all got to the venu he seemed calm. Enjoying people! He did look intense as we were lined up soon to walk down but I think it was just anticipation!! Kristen took my breath away when I saw her in the bridal sweet area! Just gorgeous!! All the bridesmaids were beautiful and sooo many sweet little children! I enjoyed seeing all the children in the wedding!!! So whimsical!!! Hope you have enjoyed the photos!!! A memorable day in our family for sure!

The photos are not in order, but hope you can make your way through them!!


Jen said...

Dutch's Daughter is AMAZING!!! Great choice!! Was the wedding at Shade Trees and Evergreens??? It's lovely!!

Teena said...

The pictures are beautiful. Wow, thank you for sharing... you made it home! You must be exhausted. Thank you for sharing.... you have allowed us to peek into your lives. I am so thankful you are my friend. Praying for all of you....


Janet said...

What a wonderful time you all had! New beginnings and the promise of great things to come! Just a question - I have been wondering how the Ahlgrens are? I haven't seen any new posts on their blog and have been thinking about them a lot. What a sweet family they are too! I have tried to comment on their blog but unsuccessfully. Greetings from South Africa to you all!

-stephanie- said...

Thanks for sharing your photos. I enjoyed "being at" the wedding and other festivities through your photos. Everybody and everything looked so beautiful. Praying God blesses their marriage everyday.

janicerichard04 said...

Wow, wow, wow! Beautiful photos and it is very obvious everyone had a wonderful time. Aren't families and friends just the greatest? May God bless you ALL!