Monday, August 13, 2012


*wedding photos on previous posts!!

On Friday after the wedding we had a day to do "something!" Some went to the county fair, and some of us went to DC!!!! Hosanna, Mercy, Terry and I took the more exciting option, Washington DC!! We got on the Metro, which was an adventure in itself!! Whizz ing through black underground tunnels at speeds to 79-80 mph, stopping at 11 stations until we arrived directly in front of the Smithsonian Institute!! The Smithsonian really was extra neat because we watched the movie "Night of the Museum" and they really thought some of the things in it might just come to life! Ha! We arrived in DC at 5pm soooo we had to make quick stops at each place! We zoomed through the museum, and then made our way (walking the whole way!!!) over to the White House!! It's just amazing to be at these historic places!! We then made our way to the National Monument, and Hosanna wanted to see Lincoln in his big chair!! We strolled downtown which I really liked and ate at a fun little restaurant "Chef Geoffs." we hadn't had any lunch so we were starving!! Surprisingly Mercy did really well walking the 7-9 miles we covered!! The lights around all the sights at dusk were stunning! It was a day I will never forget!! (I only wish I could have gone in all those cute shops downtown!!) hahah!!!!

Saturday we started our journey back home with a few sightseeing stops as well. I have to say Virginia is so beautiful! The mountains are just so majestic and breathtaking! We stopped at Fredricksburgh which was Terry's dream of a lifetime place to stop!! His hero is Jackson!!!! We saw and mercy sat on a remnant of the actual
stonewall at the Battle of Fredricksburgh!! Just to see photos of that era they had there and to think you were on the "spot." is so sereal!! So many places alongside the road that indicated much history of that time! We stopped at Monticello as well and hoped to tour Jefferson's home but they were very proud of the tour. $25 a piece!!!! Eeeeee!!! We drove through beautiful mountain scenery
and finally could drive no more.... hotel stop near Charleston Va. Sunday we drove 16 hours, two vehicles!! The third vehicle with Elijah and Micah stayed in Maryland for a few weeks of work!!

Now we are home!!! So so so glad to be here!!!! Busy day!!!

Thank you for all your sweet comments here and on fb!!! It's been fun to share it with you all!!

Our first wedding!!!!!! Yay!!!!


Teena said...

Just love it..... feel liike I traveled with all of you!


Much love,

Elizabeth said...

Those sunsets were so beautiful! Thanks for sharing your photos with us.

Margaret (maggie) Kelley said...

It was all gorgeous!! I am so glad you had a good time!! You two are definately the most deserving parents!!!!