Friday, August 3, 2012

it's here!!!

*****special prayer**** could you all pray for great weather (no rain) for Thursday the 9th!! It's an outside wedding and reception!!!! Thank you soooo much!!!!

It's here!! It's time!! The long awaited departure!! Our first wedding in the family!!! I'm full of alot of emotions! But the emotion I want to supersede, is the one of pure joy! Just looking and reflecting at what God has done, is doing and will do in Caleb and Kristen's life is beyond anything I could have even begun to pray. The scripture is true, HE goes over and beyond what we could ever pray, imagine, hope for!!!

If you think or have a moment please pray for us as we travel!! 10 children, 2 parents, 3 vehicles, a billion suitcases, (like 10+) toys, and games and movies and food and whatever else we can jam in the vehicles!!! Pray for safety, for the vehicles to run well and the time there! Thank you sooo much! I know I can count on you all!!

Lord willing we'll have tons of beautiful photos to share with you when we get back!!

We are so blessed to have someone live at our home while we are gone and take care of ALL the animals!! I hope they can relax and swim and enjoy the a/c and not feel too over worked!! Lots of chores to do around here!!!

Thank you for loving our family in the good times, the hard times and the everyday times!!!


Janet said...

Travel safely - I can't WAIT to see the wedding photos! Have a safe journey and an extra special time!

Liv said...

Route one looks like it runs right near my corner of OH. So excited to see wedding pictures! Enjoy it all. =)

Jemimah said...

God bless you all as you set out for this WONDERFUL occasion! I am only one of 8 children, but I fully know what it takes to get a family of 10 all up on a trip!
Praying for the wedding too. What a wonderful time this is for you all!

Jemimah said...
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RK said...

Can't wait to see pictures. I've been quietly following your family's fun for a while... And if you take route 2 and come through StL, I'll be waving. Wish we could meet u! I find your perspective on life and family to be so encouraging. God really does use you to bless me quite often. To truly enjoy family so much is rare these days, it seems. I want that for my girls! :) Many travel and wedding blessings!

Becca said...

We can't wait to meet you and celebrate with you all! I can't believe it's "here." Praying for a safe and uneventful drive!

I'm Kristen said...

Woo-eee! Hurry hurry hurry! We are DYING to see you!

Teena said...

so excited... praying you through!


love you,