Thursday, April 12, 2012

friday fotos!

On Wednesday I thought it was Tuesday all day!! So the week has flown by without my knowing about it!! Haha!! I definitely look at the weeks in "2 week" increments, that's how I grocery shop and after the first week is up I think "whew," I only have 7 more
days to stretch the food until payday again! So for me a month goes
by quick!! April is half over, them May and summer is right upon us! Hosanna has the "days" left of school on the chalkboard!! I think they are getting antsy!! Well, I am too!! Ready to just get up in the mornings and not HAVE to do something!!

Thankful for the guys work as always! They are working in town this next week! Garden salad is a must everynight!! So good!! Our roses are going crazy!! Fishing is high priority right now!! Some beautiful country mornings, Hosanna can vouch for that!!

Continue to pray for Sue!! And Caleb and Kristen as they plan for the wedding!!

Have a great weekend!!!

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