Friday, April 27, 2012

flashback friday!!

Thought I would do a "flashback" Friday!! So many photos I could share!! Looking back through these makes me laugh and cry! Longing for ALL of us to be together! I can't even comprehend all the good times and memories we have made, all the moments together, the laughs, the smiles, birthdays, farm stuff, and oh yes ALL the photos I took!!! But as I ponder all the changes, one thing that has not changed is the Lord!! Looking back at some of their books, it's really a story of his faithfulness in every season of our lives! Now that makes me really wanna tear up!! No matter what life brings, the changes, the trials, and the joys, He is so steadfast with his love, provision, protection!! To see little "bodies" that have become adults now and seeking him..... that's what we have prayed! They are in our homes, our arms for a short while then THEIR journeys begin! I am blessed! I am humbled! I am thankful!

I heard a song yesterday......"what a Wonderful Life!" ...... that's what I have!!!

Have a blessed weekend and maybe get some old photos out and "flashback!!"

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Teena said...

I love these. I understand completely... about how we have changed. So different.... I miss the baby years.. you know? I am sure you do. I love this time too though. Strange huh? Thankful for all of it. God is the same.... always there, never leaving.

Much love,