Thursday, April 19, 2012

another season.....

To everything there is a season,
and a time to every purpose
under the heaven
... a time to break down,
.....a time to laugh.

Season's...... i have discovered we have more than 4 our house!!! hahaha!!!! We have seasons it seems like everyday!!!!! Seasons of change are happening faster than I can blink my eyes! I never thought it would happen, but today is monumental!! We are taking one of the 4 sets of bunk beds down in the boys room today!!! Hence: "a time to break down!!" hahahaha!!!! And its really funny to me, " a time to laugh!!" I do have a bit of saddness but its just so unimaginable that today has come and it strikes me to laugh!! I might cry on my pillow tonight but that will be another season!! The season I'm in this second makes me laugh!! 

With a loaded down Ford Ranger and about everything he owns is heading to Maryland!!!! The land that obviously has something that Oklahoma doesnt........girls I guess!!! hahahaha!!!! ROFL!!!!!! Seriously, he is heading up there to stay indefinitely for adventure, Gods adventure!!!! Pray for him and for safety!! still here, our roots are deep in this little farm, so life continues here in Coyle USA!! 

Hope you all have a great rest of the week!!!

Made some awesome cinnamon rolls, a date night, getting some sun, and there he goes.....Maryland bound!! Oh, and P.S. Elijah hitched a ride to Conway Arkansas to buy him a new truck.....that guy says he only likes to keep a truck about a year and then boom.....sells it!!!! It s little outta the way for Daniel but it worked!!!! 

89'er weeknd herer in Guthrie Oklahoma !!!!! wahoooooooo!!!!!! big stuff happening!!!!!


julia said...

I love your flip flops! Where did you find them? I've been looking for a pair of turquoise ones :)

 The Morris Family said...

Julia!! I got them at Target last year!!! :/

 The Morris Family said...

Julia!! I got them at Target last year!!! :/

Rachel said...

ah! those cinnamon rolls look so delicious! :D

Marie said...

Think of you and your family often....hope you all are well! love all the pics but those cinnamon rolls, now I could just eat 'em up!!! Have a wonderful weekend :)

Tesha said...

Hi I found you from Kellys link up. I am so very sorry sorry you had to say goodbye to Joel. He is a beautiful little boy. Your testimony is wonderful and I am really blessed to have found your blog. Thank you for sharing your story.