Sunday, October 18, 2015

it's here.....

It's possibly here! Fall! Very crisp mornings! I'm rebelling! I don't like it! Enough said! 

I will be working a few extra hours this week. We have some big events coming up that want chocolate!! Hurray for chocolates! It's been a lot of fun making all the different chocolates. But really, I can't hardly eat and sample them. I grab some almonds and pumpkin seeds occasionally but I'm literally so busy, it's hard to grab chocolate anytime I want! The fun is, getting my paycheck! I get paid every two weeks, so that makes it a little hard to wait for the next one to have enough to do a project, but I'm making it work!! Hosie and i recently are adding on to the flower garden with herb beds and a fire pit area and the crushed granite on the enclosed ground area where we put the metal edging! It's nice to think of plans and finally have resources to do something about it! Sometimes, I wonder why I didn't think to get a job sooner! Guess too many kids at home and housework! But so thankful it's happening now! 

And Roo comes back this week! Gosh, we have missed him and his momma and daddy like crazy!!! We have to get back to Roo Wednesdays!!

Hope everyone has a great week!! 


Teena said...

love this post. I am thinking of getting something a few hours a week. Not sure yet. we are always so tight and with Lincoln here I want to go more!! I pray God opens a door. I mention something to a nurse friend today and she told me about something that might be coming up. So praying it works out if it is God's plan.


Tung Nguyen said...

So cute

nha xinh
biet thu dep