Sunday, October 11, 2015


Of course it's officially Fall. But I told Hosie "let's plant some more Zinnias and maybe we can have some more Summer before the first freeze!" And we did! They are beautiful! So cheery! I need these all year around. I can already feel the heavy, coldness, cloudy skies are preparing to make their way in to my world of Summer. I dread the cold in more ways than one. Too many painful memories that happened in November through January. It's like a depression settles over me until I can see buds on the trees in the Spring. I feel like I have to really focus on happy things in my life and even if it's a cold day and if there is blue skies, that is like a zinnia in the summer for me. I confess, I no doubt allow the weather and circumstances of the past to set my mind and mood. It's only happened since I have gotten older. Heck, when your young, everything is always happy!! But for today, I have zinnias and 90 degrees weather!! Yay!! 

Also, this Festive Fall tray is so fun for a get together like we are going to tonight!! Elijah's girl, savannah, her mom is having a Fall evening at their property tonight!!

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