Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day

Our holidays are not like they use to be. Everyone does their own thing now days. Elijah was in Missouri on a fishing trip. Bethany was with Charlie, her roommate in Galveston, Micah played golf all day, and the rest of us were here at the house. We had pizza and potatoes out of the garden! It use to be big cook out, and  everyone was here. Gone are those days. 

Anna moves tomorrow to Indiana permanently. She will live with marks sister. It's just the next step for her and mark. Hopefully she can find a job! Elijah is thinking of moving out by the end of summer. He's just ready for a change of pace and something new! I don't blame them. I want all my kids to go and experience all they can!! 

Hope everyone had a day of remembering. Thank you to all that gave to give us our freedom!

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Teena said...

Thinking of you. I love when you blog! I love hearing more. Maybe because I have followed you for 8 yrs and watched the kids grow...

I do understand!

Here too....