Monday, April 27, 2015


Back a long time ago, say about 9 years ago. I weighed a lot!! Like 168 pounds. When Joel got sick, I lost weight. Like 20 pounds. It was grieving weight loss. I couldn't eat or sleep. Hell, I wanted to die! A few years after Joel died, a few pounds slipped back on. It made me feel terrible. I didn't like myself. So that's when I begin my new journey of eating. I went with mean and green. I only ate meat and green things. It is really easy to do. I still ate some sugar occasionally. I would put a spoonful of whatever sweets there was on a spoon and that was my portion. I'm still refining how I eat. Now, I definitely do not do any breads, pastas, or stuff that has with flour. I try to do only chicken but when we do burgers, it's always bunless!! Ha!! Hosie makes tons of sweets and of course the kids eat it up quickly. I stay away from all that stuff. Rare occasions I'll sneak a dark chocolate in. I have really acquired a taste for bitter. I can not stand sweet coffee!! Blah!! One of the main reasons for this eating regime is because of IBS. Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Basically, your gut doesn't like certain things and if you eat it, it's miserable!!!! Hahah!! I really am
Not a food loving person so I don't feeling I'm craving things I can't have. I just don't feel a 'rush' for say this food or that food. I do love spice and Mexican and that is probably a weakness I have and give into. For breakfast I always eat eggs and spinach and some fruit. For lunch, I usually eat another egg, maybe an apple and some almond butter. I usually eat a small portion for dinner and I totally feel so full. I think by not putting so
Much in your stomach, it shrinks and you get full faster. It's great we have all the greens in the garden right now. Perfect for the greens i seek to eat.  Anyways, saying all that to say, I'm a couple pounds from the 130's. I'm
Not trying to be a certain weight. I just appreciate how the food and weight and feeling good all works together when a person makes choices. It's so easy to go through a food line or spread on a table and just start picking up a little of everything. I mean, it's so easy to 'think' and make choices that are good. Look at what's before you and choose what's good! Exercise needs to be added in the regime as well. Bike riding and the tread mill work for me and also I like doing some light weights. Only the Lord knows our days, but it's so enjoyable to make the most of our bodies and not just let them go to pot. It actually helps me keep my sanity! It gives me something to focus on each day. I'm thankful for country life, a place we can grow good food and have space to be outside and get vitimin D. All those things work together for feeling good! Hope you can get your routine and find that little bit of hope that you need to push forward and just do it!!

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Liv said...

What a simple way of staying healthy! I'm highly impressed by your ability to say no to all those treats....I nearly drool scrolling through my IG feed seeing them. #sweettoothproblems