Sunday, April 19, 2015


I have no idea what my google pass word is and plus my google account was set up with our old email and now I'm
Not sure how to change all that, so all that to say, I can't reply back to your comments!! Ha!! But yes to the fairy garden and the garden path is in our back yard area! And thank you for you comments and encouragement! I have had this blog for 8 years now. I can't say I have the same passion as when I started it 8 years ago. The sole purpose was to share about Joel's cancer journey which turned into a far too short of one and so then it turned into my grieving journey and then for a short time, I didn't even come here, I didn't have much to write about. And now, it's a different season. One of just throwing some photos up and sharing a little bit of our day to day so my dad and Shirley can see what we are up to. I don't think I can ever bare my soul here again. Nothing to do with who might read it or anything like that, there's just too much that is best if I keep
It inside so others won't be hurt. So much has happened in my heart and life that has so much regret, sadness, disappointment, that it's best of it just stays put. I try to deal with it myself and then push it under the rug until the tears come, then I'm good for awhile until that process repeats itself. 

So so much rain lately! I know we need it but goodness, we need it to stop for a bit!! Everything is lime green for sure! The garden looks great and we are eating tons of green stuff!! Thankful for that otherwise we wouldn't have much of a selection!! Please pray for work. Again, weather is not on our side! No jobs, no work, no food! Ha!!! We at least buy eggs, so don't worry, we are not starving !!! 

Not long til we make our way to California for the wedding of Daniel and Erin, Lord willing! Long long drive!! Surely one of the kids wil get married in Oklahoma some day!! Pleasssse!!! 

Hope you all have great week!!


Teena said...

Cindy, I understand. I have been here reading for 8 yrs .... I am so thankful we are friends. I think of you so much. I am so thankful we are friends on IG. I love peeking into your life.... and you mine.

I often tell my kids .... if we ever get to Texas to visit my long time best friend we have to drive up to OK to meet Cindy and her family... for the day!

I love you.

lee woo said...

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Silvia Jacinto said...

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