Monday, June 10, 2013


Good morning everyone!!! Monday.....ugh!!! Tons of laundry!!! But I'm tackling it! Hosie made scrumptious muffins for the kidZ, I had my eggs and cherries and coffee and green tea so we are off to a We are swimming swimming this week as it spouse to be upper 90's all week!!! Yay! Love it!! Full summer mode now!

Bethany went to a goat show in Kansas this past weekend and did well! Glad for that!

Farmers market this past weekend was a success. Mercy, Josiah and I did it all by ourselves and made it! Ha! Everyone loves the sugar snap peas! Sold out!! Hosie and I made 54 GIANT/JUMBO muffins and only came home with 8, so yes we did good too!!!!! At this point any extra cash flow is a huge blessing!

Andrew and Micah mowed the heck outta the yard this past weekend and it looks super fantastic around here! We just have a push mower and it takes a long time but they did it!!! All the rain has made the lawn/grass so lush!! I absolutely love the sound of a mower and fresh cut grass! Reminds me of when I was little!

Josiah purchased a remote control truck with his own money he has saved up and he is running it all over the house! Between remote helicopters and remote vehicles, it's a dangerous journey to walk through the house!!!

Mercy is a tan little toot! But she has eczema and has had it since birth and the water is making her skin so dry. I try lotion but really I read somewhere that you have to work from the inside out like with fish oil and any oil capsule and that won't work with her taking pills!

Hope you have a great Monday!!!

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