Saturday, June 15, 2013

baby boy!!

Baby boy is here!! Born last night 10pm ish!!! Weight 7.12!!! they haven't decided on a name yet!!! Every one is doing well!! We praise God for his mercy and blessings!!!


-stephanie- said...

Absolutely adorable.

Congratulations! God is good!

Alicia said...

Congratulations!!! What a blessing

Natalia G said...

gah. he's adorablee! congratulations to everyone. xx

Natalia from ELAN

Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and Family said...

Cindeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a Grandmeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Congratulations! I'm soooooo happy for you all!! He's adorable! Love that second pic!

May the Lord bless Caleb and Kristen as they bring up this precious child to know, love and serve our Lord! May He give them all the wisdom, love, grace, strength, and patience they need as they begin one of the most blessed journeys ever!

Love and miss you and think of you all the time :)