Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Gorgeous day here on the farm! sounds of mowers, kids in pool and animals makes me happy!! Loving this weather!!

While the guys are outta town Terry is here in grossed in managerial paper work! Ha! He has kinda taken on a new role. Doing bids, paper work, and all that fun stuff! Hoping to get more bids out and more work because of this new format!

This is Joshua's flower in his little area where he tends roses and many other flowers! He was soooo excited this morning to see it had opened up! It's remarkable to see all the tiny details of all the variety of flowers! Our amazing God!i planted something's around the porch area, we will see how it goes with all the outside dogs! Farms and dogs and flower beds don't work too well!

We got pretty toasty red yesterday so I told them to wear a tshirt today! Ha! They love the water! Mercy is the cannon ball queen!

Hope you have a great Tuesday!!


Janet said...

Waiting in anticipation for your news .... praying for a happy and safe delivery! With special greetings to you all from a rather Chilly South Africa!

Teena said...

love your pics. Praying for you.

Much love