Monday, April 29, 2013

my day...

my day started off with walking with my friend Natalee around the Masonic temple in town. Then we switched gears and headed to our coffee date at Hoboken!! I had to drink water first and then after awhile I got cool down to have my hot drink!! Our topics ranged from kids, to cooking, to food, to fears, to grand children to children's future spouses, to school, to weight, to the crazy futures of our kids, to schedules, to summer, and
much more but I can't remember it all!!! It's never dull no matter how many times we have coffee!!

Then......since it was a most glorious sunny day, meaning I have to be outside in the 89 degree weather....sun time!!!

Then.....Natalee told me about this bread recipe and I made it today instead of waiting til June!!! Heheh!! Artisan bread! It was very good, but I'm not a big bread eater, but the fam loved it!!!!'s time for coffee and my evening walk!

How's your day been!?!


Natalia G said...

Mmm that bread looks amazing. I'm a huge bread eater. do you have a link to the recipe? I'd love to give it a shot! just what I need for my diet plan ;) haha

 The Morris Family said...

If you google 5 minute artisan bread!

Natalee said...

Had so much fun with you! Always!