Monday, April 15, 2013

making monday meaningful...

How?????? how do you make the dreaded Monday meaningful? Mondays mean tons of laundry, getting the house back in order, school (again) just getting the gears going again. Well, first, I had to get some fresh I had to only take a few steps outside and snip snip snip! There is something about flowers that brings a happy to a Monday! Mercy had her own ideas of "where" to put them. I would set them near my fav chair and after a minute I would come back through the LR and she moved them to her house she was building for her furry friends. I guess she wanted "happy" in her life too! I finally won!! They sit cheerily beside MY chair! Another way that Monday became meaningful....I was checking on my lemon tree that Caleb and Kristen got me back in September and it has loads of tiny lemons on it! I pollinated the blooms with a small paintbrush. I am anxiously awaiting the growth and seeing the results and sizes of the lemons! Believe me, Mondays are not the best day for me. So much to do. It is very overwhelming to "feel" the weight of a Monday. Ohhhhhh and another meaningful way that today was fun, we went to sonic for lunch for free! 8 people ate free with coupons! If ever I am sick of cooking, it's now. Soooo this was a treat for sure.

If ever there was a person that was/is like me in the family, it's Andrew. An organizer and worker, can't be still, always looking and wanting to be busy, likes projects. A to himself kinda person, a loner. He's got a small project going on outside and I have to say hats off to him because he can always find something to do at no cost or use materials we already have! Me and him "click!" Ha! I guess hosanna is kinda like me to, tell it like it is!!! Haha!!

Hope your Monday is meaningful!

Happy Monday!!

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Teena said...

thank you. so needed. Feeling overwhelmed here too. Several things happening... you know how it is in big families. Plus, school, laundry, chickens, ducks.... cooking, cleaning... whew.

I needed your post.

much love.