Wednesday, April 10, 2013

back in time....

Yesterday was 82 and a perfect day for Natalee and I to step back in time to a new little restaurant In Guthrie! Once in the doors your amongst all the oldies of the 50's and 60's! With black and white checkered floors, a soda bar, rock around the clock music going and then a big greasy burger and fries in a red plastic basket.....the good ole days for sure! And the burger and fries was under $5!!!! Yay for my budget kinda lunch! Although the burger and dripping greasy fries are not on my healthy food plan, it was fun for one day!! And the extra extra fun was going there with my friend Natalee! We stepped back in time and didn't even have to drive far at all!! Guthrie is a cool little town!! I am appreciating it more and more. The quaintness and historical aspect of it....I'm proud to live here!

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