Friday, January 18, 2013

garden 2013

Ground breaking for the 2013 garden year!!!! Three little entrepreneurs have joined the gardening ranks and have plots they will manage and work themselves and then take their produce to Farmers Market this Spring! Hosanna, Josiah and Mercy!! The first of Feb. will be the beginning of seeds to go in the ground! As always, we look forward to the Lord growing our garden and bringing rain!! Josh and Jeremiah are looking into more of wood working things to take!! We'll let ya know what their product will be!! Hahaha!!!!

Monday will hold a new chapter for Elijah! He will begin his new job working for the railroad out of Enid Oklahoma as a conductor! He does have training for several months but then it's on the train he'll go!! Terry will greatly miss his skills and abilities with the construction business. It really has been amazing how the Lord provided and how out of 60 applicants that Elijah and 14 others were chosen.

Have a great weekend!!


Jessica said...

My hubby is a supervisor for BNSF in OKC.....if Elijah ends up transferring to OKC, maybe he'll run into Kirby! If he has any questions or anything at all, feel free to contact us! Navigating all the rules/regulations can be a bit overwhelming at first! But it's a great job and all I've ever known (Kirby is the 10th person from my family to work for the railroad)!!!
BTW....I found your blog thru Jessica Whitts blog (who is a friend of my sister)!
Good luck to Elijah! You'll have to make his ringtone for when he calls you "I've been working in the railroad"! That's Kirby's for mine and it cracks me up every time he calls, LOL!!!

Teena said...

love it. We will plant on good Friday IF we plant. Last couple of years we have not had a good harvest so may not this year. There is a wonderful fruit/veggie stand/patch that we go pick... so we may just do that. Although seeing yours makes me want to!


Vanderpolclan said...

I am just a little jealous at the early planting!! Up here we don't start planting until May long weekend!!