Tuesday, October 2, 2012

it's really Fall

Yesterday it really felt like a Fall day!!! Sooooo to honor the day, some Fall pies had to happen! I have found lots of little places and paths for ALL the reception pumpkins!! I feel spoiled to have soooooo many this year!! I think it will have to be my tradition now to go out to the Grider Pumpkin patch and get all my pumpkins!!!


The Farmgirl said...

Oh my, that all looks so pretty and those pies look delicious! If ya got any fall to spare , could ya send it out to Southern California? We are severely lacking in the Fall department :)

Lauren said...

Love all your pictures!! You are so creative. I'm going to come back to your pictures for party and decorating ideas since we do a lot of hosting. :-)

sarahdodson said...

What a beautiful variety of pumpkins!!