Monday, September 8, 2014

thank you!

Thank you for your thoughtful comments!! For some reason I have no idea my password and all, so I can't comment directly back to you!! I hope the previous article was a blessing if there can be a blessing in grieving. It spoke thoughts and words that I certainly feel. Especially as Fall approaches! It's that time of year when my mind and soul go into replay!! I wish I could skip to Spring and summer again!! Joel and Josiah's birthday is soon coming. Why does it all have to be like this?? I want them both here!! I want to keep buying two of everything!! But, I wil tread through as you all that commented will do! Our village of grieving friends. 

Thank you so much for keeping up. Seems like forever ago that we just started this blog to keep folks informed! Then again, it seems like yesterday that they were both here together in our family! Josiah is such a blessing! So so thankful he's here!! 

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