Tuesday, September 23, 2014


In November we will be married 28 years!! Wow!! Flown by!!! God has carried us through many diff seasons of life. A house full of little kids. Feeling like I can't catch my breath with so many underskirt. Dark times with Daniels depression. Time of sorrow with Joel. (Still dealing with that) Times of plenty with jobs and work. Times of not so much plenty when food for sustannence was bought instead of mouthwatering food for the week. So God has been faithful! Right now, we are in the time of not so many resources! Like terry trying to scrape up enough to buy food. I'm not asking for God to allow money to float down from the sky. I'm asking God to bring jobs so the guys can work and people pay and we have resources. So if you think of it, pray that God will provide jobs. He can do that!! 

I don't like to get all personal on the blog and sound like a whiner, but so so many of you all have been with us for almost 8 years and I feel safe asking you! 

Thank you for being wiling to pray!! 

The weather is amazing!! So beautiful on the farm!! what a gift it is to live here!!

The Big big news is Daniel and Erin are engaged as of Saturday!! We love her to pieces!!! It's thrilling to see our kids marry  and start their own families!!!!

Much love!!


Teena said...

I understand completely. I am glad you shared. I think it is so important to be transparent... but there is a fine line too... you know. I often try my best not to cross that but believe it is so important to be transparent. I understand the food for substance over food for enjoyment.... we are there lots. God is faithful as you have said. I have been with you for 8 yrs. I am so thankful for you. Love watching how God brings these new ppl into your children's lives!!

Much love,

-stephanie- said...

I will pray.

Awesome news about Daniel and Erin. God is good!

Alicia said...

Congratulations on your soon-to-be new family member. I pray for God's provision in you lives.

Charrob said...

Congratulations! Beautiful couple!