Saturday, September 7, 2013

mums the word.

Had a fun weekend with the Gentleman of the Road stop over in Guthrie. We had the farmers market downtown Friday and Saturday. We sat up at 9 am and stayed until 9pm and then Saturday we sat up at 8am and stayed until 9:00 pm. Sooooo I am pooped!! Today from noon until we closed up it was only me, hosie and siah. some were at the concert and some were in Wichita for a meeting. but we had fun and met tons of people and sold tons of water bottles. Like we made right close to $600 just on selling water. or rather Elijah and Micah did! Haha!! Hosie and I sold muffins and did well and terry sold produce and did good too! A very very tiring weekend. Plus I baked for our favorite coffee shop Hoboken!! Haha!!! 

hope everyone had a great weekend and if you came to Guthrie, wow, soooo many folks! Unreal!!!! 

Resting tomorrow,Sunday!! 

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Teena said...

oh I love seeing this. I love the picture of you. I hope one day we can sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee together! You encourage me! So our itty bitty town is having a festival in October some time... live music and stuff... I thought of YOU. I was like "hey maybe the kids and I can set up a stand and sell my pumpkin bread/muffins etc!!" YOU are rubbing off on me!!

Love you.