Monday, March 18, 2013

just keeping it real...

Sometimes I find myself swallowed up with the toils of this world,of the daily! I get overwhelmed with the things I need to do, the things I have to do, the things that are just everyday. And when I find myself in this place I begin to wonder if Jesus really knows, has he really experienced, did he really go through what I/we deal with. I get bogged down with the tons of laundry which seems like I am washing for a million people. And then as I was doing that this morning and feeling quite sorry for myself, the Lord brought a scripture to my mind. I was thinking "did he EVER have to wash and do laundry?" the scripture was the one about him washing his disciples feet. Maybe he didn't have tons of laundry to wash but he did have dirty feet to wash. That possibly could be worst than TONS of laundry. So I guess my questioning and feeling sorry for myself was brought to an end. My next thought was ALL the food I'm cooking and buying. The Lord quickly brought to
mind the huge feeding engagements he had, the five thousand and when his disciple ask about where to get the food. So once again, my woes were silenced. But there was one more....the homeschooling and the frustrations of it all. The Lord brought to my mind the passage in Matthew, where he "taught" the people who gathered on side of the mountain. Maybe I should change my classroom setting!! Hahah!! Yep, today is Monday and I'm feeling it!!! I guess sometimes i think to myself, " if only the Lord knew all I was going through!!" BUT the reality settles in and God reminds me that he knows, he cares, he understands.

I'm thankful for his mercies and grace to get me through Monday's!! .....and everyday! Between cooking, cleanings school, added chores for the little people with milking goats now, to regular chores they help me with, to people coming and going, to all that encompasses my life, I know He will be faithful to me!!

I'm ready for my first cup of coffee now at lunch time!!! Hahaha!!!

Oh and if you happen to need something to pray about... You can pray for Caleb, as he was working in his house here, his finger got pinched super bad, like hanging off, so there is a great possibility he will loose the tip of it, and for terry and micah as they work in Elgin all week, and Daniel as he is in Colorado but soon going back to Maryland and for Anna as she goes back with him for about 6 weeks and Elijah as he adjusts to his new railroad job and Kristen as she is growing with baby and getting close and Bethany as she has about 17 baby goats trying to bottle feed them and ME to have sanity!!!!!! Hahaha!!!!


Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and Family said...

I Love you!!! I got your email and will write you soon (well, as soon a I can get away from all the laundry, cooking, teaching etc... :) ). I'm in Cabo San Lucas right now getting my passport renewed.
Poor Caleb!!! Ouch! Rebekah lost part of the tip of her finger a few years ago. Praying he's not in too much pain and for wisdom for the doctors.

Bryan, Julie, and Kids said...

I have never posted before, but have been reading your blog for over a year. I so enjoy seeing pictures of all the parties you throw and that wedding reception. Wow! I also appreciate your outlook on life and raising children that comes through in your posts. This latest post really hits home with me. I have had the exact same thoughts myself. I'm a homeschooling mom of only 8 kids (ages 16 months - 18) and I feel frustrated frequently by our crazy lives and trying to fit it all in. We even purposefully choose things, but it's still an overflowing life!! That's so neat that the Lord gave you those verses; he's done the the same for me. I just had to reach out through "cyberspace" and just say somehow you cheered me up by "being real." Thank you from a 42 y/o mom from Kansas!

Teena said...

Love this post. I am right there with you. Thank you. Praying for Caleb and all the others. Asking God to pour His mercy & grace on you.

I love you.